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A best friend, a mentee, and a former coworker provide an intimate account of Rick Singer’s transition from the boy determined to transform himself, to the coach who refused to accept failure, to the man whose obsession with wealth would be his ultimate undoing.  These people, and their stories are being heard for the first time, and a new picture of who Rick Singer really is, finally emerges.



Written and Produced by: Andrew Jenks and Zak Levitt
Executive Producers:  Chris Corcoran, Zak Levitt and Andrew Jenks
Producers: Lloyd Lockridge, Perry Crowell, and Terence Malangone
Editors: Zak Levitt and Perry Crowell
Sound Mixing and Mastering: Bill Schultz
Artwork and Design: Curt Courtenay
Original Score:  Joel Goodman
Theme Song: “Your Sins Will Find You Out,” by Eli “Paperboy” Reed

Web Development: Ben Messer
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